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Seal Surfer

Michael Foreman

Seal Surfer


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A boy and his grandfather watch as a baby seal is born on the rocks near their home and from that day a special friendship is created between them. Despite his disability, the boy is a keen surfer, and he enjoys many afternoons surfing with the seals. One day, however, he gets into trouble in rough seas, and the young seal saves him. Their friendship brings happiness and meaning at the important stages of the boy's life.


I liked that the seal kept coming back to see the boy. I also liked the seal saved the boy when he fell off his surf board.

Anonymous 15.08.2021

I loved this book because the people were respectful in helping the seals and not being super close to them. I was really sad when the mummy seal died, but I thought it was lovely that the baby seal lived and went on to have her own seal pup.

Anonymous 13.07.2021

I really liked this book & I like it when the young boy and the seal became friends. This book is very enjoyable & you should read it.

Anonymous 05.12.2020

It was good. I really enjoy the sea and that's why I liked it.

Anonymous 04.08.2019

This book is a nice story about friendship. It is a fictional book. I liked the grandad best, because if he hadn't of taken the boy to the beach, then they would of never met the mummy seal and her pup. I loved the pictures in the book. It's good that there is a disabled person, but it is just normal. I think my friends would like this book.

Anonymous 08.08.2018

i like this book because i love like seal's.And my dad is sufer+it is about friendship. I hope you read this book .

Anonymous 31.07.2017

The seal saved the boy from drowning. Very good.

Anonymous 03.09.2016

Bit slow

Anonymous 26.08.2015

This book I needed help with as it was a long story. But I really enjoyed reading it and learning about the animals in the sea. I really want to try surfing.

Anonymous 10.08.2015

A boy and his grandfather watch as a baby seal is born on the rocks near their home, and from that day a special friendship is forged between them. This powerful book demonstrates friendship flourishing across generations, species and abilities.

Anonymous 19.07.2015

It's interesting.

Anonymous 01.09.2014

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