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Dinos Don't Give Up!

Smriti Halls, Richard Merritt

Dinos Don't Give Up!


  • Ffeithiau a gwybodaeth. Rhestrau, ystadegau a digon o ffeithiau

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4 out 5

24 reviews

Diplodocus Dinah is BRILLIANT at everything. Everything except SURFING! Dinah just can’t dino-do-it! What will dino Dinah do? A story about brilliance, resilience and getting back on your feet.


The colourful pictures and all of the trophies that Dinah has.

Anonymous 11.07.2024

Dipla dinasaue is good at everything execpt for surfing but she wont givw up .it was fiction. I loved dipla dinasaur because she doesnt give up

Anonymous 21.01.2024

I thought it was awesome

Anonymous 14.01.2024

It was fun and encourage children not to give up.

Anonymous 17.12.2023

Really enjoyed this book. I liked how Dinah was good at everything, but even when she couldn't do something she decided not to give up but to try again and have fun.

Anonymous 02.09.2023

I liked this book because it shows that you don’t always have to win to have fun

Anonymous 30.08.2023

Never give up!

Anonymous 26.08.2023

I liked this story because Dinah had lots of medals and trophies. Also, Dinah didn't give up surfing and have fun with it.

Anonymous 20.08.2023

in this there is a dino who can do evrething she was always first for evretthing.i would like dino i would recommed this book to other people

Anonymous 19.08.2023

great book

Anonymous 18.08.2023

I like Dinah, she is so pretty and she is so sweet.

Anonymous 18.08.2023

I liked the first part when Dinah the dinosaur was a superstar at all things.

Anonymous 18.08.2023

I liked this alot dinah is very brave

Anonymous 11.08.2023

I learnt that in games all that matters is you take part in it and have fun

Anonymous 05.08.2023

I liked that she didn't give up

Anonymous 05.08.2023

Always keep trying and support your friends

Anonymous 02.08.2023

I like that there's dinosaurs

Anonymous 01.08.2023

I loved when the giant hug happened.

Anonymous 29.07.2023

Dinah is my favourite character.

Anonymous 27.07.2023

i don't know

Anonymous 27.07.2023

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