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Sammy Striker and the Football Cup: The perfect book to celebrate the Women's World Cup

Catherine Emmett, Joe Berger

Sammy Striker and the Football Cup: The perfect book to celebrate the Women's World Cup


  • Straeon am chwaraeon. Gemau, goliau a medalau aur
  • Ffeithiau a gwybodaeth. Rhestrau, ystadegau a digon o ffeithiau

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5 out 5

41 reviews

A fantastic football story about following your dreams and shooting for the stars, packed with fancy footwork, dazzling dribbling and breathtaking ball skills!


Enjoyable rhymes and good moral. We really enjoyed this and read it twice

Anonymous 06.07.2024

It is a book about football. I like it because I like football. Sammy is a girl, who loves football. Once she went to the park and she was asked by famous coach to play in her team. She accepts and gets to play, but she is very nervous and doesn't play very well. She learns to believe in herself and helps the team win the trophy. It is a fiction I recommend

Anonymous 23.04.2024

Very good book.

Anonymous 05.01.2024

Being yourself is how to exceed.

Anonymous 29.12.2023


is amazing

Dienw 30.09.2023

A book about encouragement

Anonymous 06.09.2023

She did a good goal even if she shoots the ball in a curve.

Anonymous 05.09.2023


Anonymous 01.09.2023

It was ok if you like football. Even if you can’t hit the ball right you can still score a different way

Anonymous 30.08.2023

It is funny I like it

Anonymous 29.08.2023

I liked it when Sammy realised that she could score with her curved kicks

Anonymous 29.08.2023

Sammy is never spotted with a football at her feet.She is constantly dribbling 24/7.She is extremely athletic and can pass a defender whenever and however she wants. One day,She spotted the coach of the under 8s national team. She is always heading for the top but as the final cup comes she shots become a bit… off Will she ever know what is the difference to make her back to the same?

Anonymous 26.08.2023

Well done Sammy

Anonymous 26.08.2023

Good book about going after your dreams.

Anonymous 22.08.2023

This was very exciting with a good message.

Anonymous 21.08.2023

This was a good book, even if you don’t score a goal, playing is all the fun.

Anonymous 16.08.2023

I lived this book.

Anonymous 15.08.2023

I loved this book as i love football

Anonymous 15.08.2023


Anonymous 12.08.2023

Good, Amazing, funny, Interesting, cool.

Anonymous 11.08.2023

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