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I'm (Almost) Never Bored

Anna Milbourne, Asa Gilland (Illustrator)

I'm (Almost) Never Bored


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16 reviews

""I'm BORED!"" wails a little girl after her screen time is cut short. ""That's great!"" her dad says with a grin. ""Being bored comes right before having a Really Good Idea."" After an initial protest, the little girl dives into her imagination, and takes the reader with her on a whirlwind ride of pure fun. A cardboard box becomes a magical train, the washing machine inspires an imaginary trip into space, a scribbly doodle becomes a hungry spaghetti monster, and ants in the garden lead her into an escapade in the Funny Bug Circus. In a world where children can find entertainment at the touch of a button, it's ever-more important that they have time to be bored - because that's where they have the space to come up with their own Really Good Ideas.


I like the holes!

Anonymous 07.01.2024

Really good. I like the holes.

Anonymous 09.12.2023

Because first shes bored and then shes not bored yes I would recommend it

Anonymous 09.09.2023

Like it

Anonymous 05.09.2023

It’s funny how it’s got holes in the pages. I liked the girl’s imagination especially the part with the washing machine.

Anonymous 05.09.2023

Good book. Inspired me to try making things out of cardboard boxes again.

Anonymous 01.09.2023

good book

Anonymous 18.08.2023

It made me realise I could think of things to keep me entertained myself

Anonymous 15.08.2023

I learnt that when you're bored there's other things to do

Anonymous 09.08.2023

I learnt that you should not be lazy

Anonymous 09.08.2023

The books helps you to think of ideas when you may be bored! The main person is pretty much the only character but I like her mum as she is busy working and I would definitely recommend to read this, the more people thinking of ideas means we shouldn’t be bored

Anonymous 05.08.2023

I liked that it had holes in.

Anonymous 05.08.2023

i like thisbook because it shows me how to be creative

Anonymous 02.08.2023

An inspiring story about how being bored isn’t that bad after all. I read it to my little sister and we both loved it.

Anonymous 30.07.2023

A book about all the children who think they are bored and me too but we are never really bored.

Anonymous 29.07.2023

I love how there almost never ever bored.

Anonymous 20.07.2023

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