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Looshkin: The Big Number 2

Jamie Smart

Looshkin: The Big Number 2


  • Comig a manga. O Asterix i Zelda

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5 out 5

141 reviews

There's nothing predictable about Looshkin - apart from that he will make you giggle uncontrollably! Featuring Danger Sausage, a sausage entirely without fear, Mr Frogburt, who is NOT a glove puppet, and a pig delivery service! You dont want to let Looshkin out of your sight for even a moment, because your house might not still be standing when he's done . . .


so funny!

Anonymous 10.07.2024

I like this book looshkin doesn't care about what he does. My favourite character is looshkin.This book is not factual and I would recommend it to people because it is uncontrollably funny

Anonymous 07.07.2024

I started reading this because my sister gave it to me

Anonymous 06.07.2024

I started reading this because my sister gave it to me

Anonymous 06.07.2024

Hilarious, throughout it all.

Anonymous 05.09.2023

I really enjoyed this style of book.

Anonymous 29.08.2023

It's really funny and kept me reading.

Anonymous 24.08.2023

It is hilarious

Anonymous 21.08.2023

It's amazing and it's funny and it's great!

Anonymous 19.08.2023

I love this book, it makes me want to read more Looshkin books. The shorts stories are fun to read.

Anonymous 09.08.2023


Anonymous 04.08.2023


Anonymous 10.07.2023

My favourite character is looshkin because he's funny

Anonymous 28.06.2023

This has some stories about Looshkin.

Anonymous 16.02.2023

It was really funny. I would recommend it if you like comic books.

Anonymous 24.01.2023

This is a hilarious book where Looshkin is always getting in trouble. A recommended read if you like cats and giggles.

Anonymous 20.10.2022

It’s so funny

Anonymous 02.09.2022

Mega funny a great read for kids who like laughing out loud for hours on end

Anonymous 02.09.2022

it was fiction and I would not recomend it to a person/friend because it was a very cotic book and it only realy had pics in it and I realy like grafic novals but the ones I have read have more words because I like that :)

Anonymous 31.08.2022

I like that the cat is blue and it is funny.

Anonymous 24.08.2022

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