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Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief (The Amelia Fang Series)

Laura Ellen Anderson

Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief (The Amelia Fang Series)


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5 out 5

138 reviews

‘The perfect mix of funny, foul and fearful’ Metro ‘Brilliantly imagined … laugh-out-loud funny’ Sunday Express The third book in the bestselling, gorgeously gothic and wickedly funny Amelia Fang series – perfect for readers of 7+ Meet Amelia Fang! Everyone’s favourite little vampire. Amelia and her friends are taking part in a competition to visit Pumpkin Paradise Park – the most bloodcurdingly brilliant theme park ever! All they have to do is sell as many cookies as possible. But the creatures of Nocturnia have begun to act very strangely … No one can seem to remember anything – including their own names or even Amelia’s big birthnight party! Where have everyone’s memories gone? And how can Amelia save them when they have all forgotten who she is? Also available in the Amelia Fang series: Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords Amelia Fang and the Half-Term Holiday Amelia Fang is perfect for fans of Witch Wars, The Worst Witch and Isadora Moon When she's not trying to take over the world or fighting sock-stealing monsters, Laura Ellen Anderson is a professional children's book author & illustrator, with an increasing addiction to coffee. She spends every waking hour creating and drawing, and would quite like to live on the moon when humans finally make it possible. Laura is the creator of EVIL EMPEROR PENGUIN and illustrator of WITCH WARS, as well as many other children’s books. The bestselling AMELIA FANG is her first series as author-illustrator.


Totally brilliant

Anonymous 27.02.2024

It was very interesting because of the memory erasing ingredients in the cookies and how love was the only cure to get their memories back when the person picked the petals of the flowers My favourite character in this book was tangine because of when he forgot his name he thought it was tangerine

Anonymous 17.01.2024


Anonymous 17.12.2023

My favourite part of the story was when amelia fang got stuck to her mum and then asked her if she didn't have to tidy her room

Anonymous 04.09.2023

it was funny and adventorous at the same time and I really enjoyed it Florence and Grimaldi are so funny and Sqaushy and Pumpy

Anonymous 27.08.2023

I love Amelia Fang books and this one is very good. I like the illustrations a lot and the characters. I like it when Amelia’s mum calls her darkling instead of darling.

Anonymous 26.08.2023

I was going to give this book 3 stars because it didn't have any imaginary recipes and was less interesting than the second book but I bumped it up to 4 stars because of a giant plot twist.

Anonymous 22.08.2023

My favorite character was Grimaldi because he was funny ,helpful and kind. This story tells you that in any situation love will save the day!

Anonymous 18.08.2023

I liked this book because it shows how powerful love can really be also never ever trust evil science teachers!

Anonymous 12.08.2023

I liked the part when Emilbus stole everyone's memories with the cookies.

Anonymous 08.08.2023

I liked how they ate a cookie and then they lost their memory and their memory turned into forget me not petals. I read this book twice because it was so good

Anonymous 27.07.2023

I love this book

Anonymous 24.07.2023

I love this book and have no comments for this book

Anonymous 22.07.2023

I liked Amelia Fang the best. I would recommend this book to all of my friends. I can't wait to read another Amelia Fang book.

Anonymous 19.07.2023

It was very exciting when everybody got their memory erased except for Amelia and Tangine

Anonymous 27.06.2023

I thought it was very interesting and funny. I like that everyone loses their memory and the mystery behind it and that love is really important. I really like all the characters in a way, especially the four main characters (six if you include the pumpkins). Tangine is a little bit spoiled and silly, he's the prince of Nocturnia and a vampire fairy. I would recommend this book to someone who likes stories that are silly and fun or who like reading fantasies or mysteries.

Anonymous 02.01.2023

I really enjoyed it because it was funny and magical, my favourite character was squashy who was an adorable pet pumpkin.

Anonymous 18.12.2022

The drawings are beautiful

Anonymous 05.10.2022

I like it when professor cook made cookies which had scorpion grass in that made you loose your memory!! At the end he got arrested for trying to be the ruler of the world

Anonymous 04.09.2022

Loved it. Sad about the flowers

Anonymous 02.09.2022

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