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Race to the Frozen North: The Matthew Henson Story

Catherine Johnson, Katie Hickey

Race to the Frozen North: The Matthew Henson Story


  • Antur. Arswyd, gwefr a digon o helynt

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A thrilling fictionalised account of the life of Matthew Henson, the first African-American man to travel to the North Pole, from the Carnegie-nominated author Catherine Johnson. Matthew Henson was simply an ordinary man. That was, until Commander Robert E. Peary entered his life, and offered him a chance at true adventure. Henson would become navigator, craftsman, translator, and right-hand man on a treacherous journey to the North Pole. Defying the odds and the many prejudices that faced him to become a true pioneer. This is his incredible and often untold story. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+


I realy liked it execept the bit where the death was

Anonymous 10.01.2024

Im in love with this story it so good. I feel bad for Mat Henson how he got beaten up by Nelly. And they were racist to him and it not good. I love how Mat Hason stood up and never give up. Ane his sister is so kind and supportive. And officer pire (sorry i do not know how to spell his name)is so kind she help him pass the course and never give up. Im black and im happy that Mat Henson stood up for the balck people he is my number 1

Anonymous 05.09.2023

For me, it was inspirational because it just goes to show that no matter your background, ethnicity, colour or disability, you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Anonymous 14.08.2023

It was a long story with happy ending. But it was a bit sad.

Anonymous 09.08.2023

Loved it! It was great to read! Exciting and sad at the same time.

Anonymous 17.07.2023

It’s a good book, it was interesting. Would recommend

Anonymous 28.12.2022

I think it was very brave of MATTHEW HENSON to go into the world like that . I wonder if MATTHEW HENSONs sister was worried.

Anonymous 03.09.2022

I thought this book is very inspiring and grate for children at the age of 9 and above

Anonymous 18.07.2022

I love this book would highly recommend it

Anonymous 22.11.2021

This book interested me because it is a true story. Matthew Henson did not have an easy start in life but upgraded his life and found the thing he really wanted to do.

Anonymous 05.09.2021

I liked it.

Anonymous 10.08.2021

I liked this book because it was a bit sad but in the end everything worked out for Mathew . Mathew was a young boy and he go hit with an old oak stick from a tree which his evil stepmother hit him with

Anonymous 26.07.2021

Race to the Frozen North lives up to the exciting title. I learned a lot because when Matthew Henson got back from the north pole he wasn't greeted with a hero's welcome like the others because of the colour of his skin! We must make sure this doesn't happen!

Anonymous 07.01.2021

I like this boook it is about a boy Mathew and he gets abused and he is running away

Anonymous 19.12.2020

i liked this book because it has a lot of stories

Anonymous 12.12.2020

I enjoyed this book because Matthew won the race and eventually got a medal in recognition of his achievements.

Anonymous 12.09.2020

I really like it and the story is truly heart-breaking but there is hope towards the end

Anonymous 25.08.2020

An excellent easy-to-read text about Matthew Henson's journey to the North Pole. It tells the story of how adventurous Matthew managed to go against all odds and become the first black explorer to reach the North Pole and to be arguably the first person to reach the North Pole at all. This is a really accessible text and it highlights the benefits of being kind to local people can be (in this case with the Inuits who went on to help Matthew as they taught him everything he knew and accompanied on the expedition). It's a heart-warming story and although it is a fairly easy-read, in order to really unpick the racism and white privilege that went on and continues to go on today, I would recommend this for an older audience. We are teaching this alongside our geography topic: 'Life in the freezer' in Y5.

Anonymous 21.08.2020

I really liked this book, because he wanted to go to the North Pole, even though he was nervous and he made it nice and safely!

Anonymous 18.08.2020

I would recommend this book

Anonymous 14.07.2020

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