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The Night Watch Ninjas

Lily Roscoe, Lisa Barlow, Damien Barlow

The Night Watch Ninjas


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5 out 5

16 reviews

HIYAAAAAAAA! Meet the Night Watch Ninjas, keeping your towns safe from evil night-time mischief...


It was really funny especially with the stink bombs.

Anonymous 05.09.2023

i love the ninjas

Anonymous 28.08.2023

very interesting, read it with my little brother

Anonymous 24.08.2023

I would recommend this book I love the illustrations, they are very eye catching and fun

Anonymous 17.08.2023

It's a good book, but I do think that it should end up with the skunk in prison.

Anonymous 08.07.2023

Read this 10 time absolutely love it

Anonymous 24.08.2022

The ninjas have to catch Stinker the skunk. He is very smelly and loves to eat beans.

Anonymous 25.07.2022

It’s very funny and cheeky

Anonymous 09.09.2021

I didn’t like when the skunk got away but I do like karate.

Anonymous 06.09.2021

I like the part when there was so many skunks that It would’ve been a lot of work to catch all of those skunks.Yes I recommend this book because it was funny and good

Anonymous 07.08.2021

I thought I was in the night watch Ninja team. My favourite character was the fox. I would recommend it to someone else.

Anonymous 19.08.2020

I liked it when stinker dropped the atomic mega-bomb of stank and they thought they lost possum but they didn’t. I like reading this book, lots of times.

Anonymous 19.08.2020

I like their karate moves and all the stinky talk. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes fart jokes.

Anonymous 23.07.2020

This was a good book, I enjoyed reading it and found it challenging to read

Anonymous 19.08.2019

IT was very cool because they were going on a mission to stop the skunk.

Anonymous 27.07.2019

I like the trap as it was like a Scooby Doo trap, it was a surprise that the good guys didn't win, it seemed like there was a page missing...

Anonymous 15.08.2018

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