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Al's Awesome Science: Egg-speriments!

Jane Clarke, James Brown

Al's Awesome Science: Egg-speriments!


  • Antur. Arswyd, gwefr a digon o helynt
  • Teulu a ffrindiau. Chwerthin a dagrau a hapus byth wedyn

Average rating

4 out 5

38 reviews


I will recommend this book because it is funny and has awesome experiments. My favourite character was Al because he was the main person of the experiment .

Anonymous 07.08.2023

My favourite character was Lottie because she wanted to be a nature presenter when she was older. She also liked to do things properly. I would recommend this book to scientists.

Anonymous 04.08.2023

I liked it it was fiction and it was funny and a bit boring. I would probably recommend it to someone else

Anonymous 03.08.2023

Perfect for science troublemakers like me!

Anonymous 08.07.2023


It was a good book about never getting into trouble

Queen Birthday-cake Teabag 03.07.2023

It was a interesting experience book. I like everyone in this book

Anonymous 04.04.2023

This a cool and awesome and incredible and also a wonderful book.

Anonymous 04.12.2022

Amazing book with interesting facts

Anonymous 10.09.2022

The book was funny. Al was my favourites character. The science information parts were good, some bits I already new and I learnt something new. I would recommend this book.

Anonymous 14.08.2022

This book was fascinating because it tells you actual experiments that you can do at home, but you have to have an adult with you because it sometimes can get messy! I enjoyed reading it, my favourite thing about it was when the dog slurped up the egg yolk!

Anonymous 31.07.2022

It was very interesting and fun. I am going to try my own egg-speriment.

Anonymous 29.07.2022

I would recommend this book to someone else who likes science.

Anonymous 17.08.2021

I enjoyed reading this book. Al tried an egg-speriment because he loves science and it made him and his sister Lottie happy.My favourite person was Mrs Good because she is very funny .I would definitely recommend this book to someone else. You can learn things that Al and Lottie did like standing on an egg to know if the egg is strong.

Anonymous 11.08.2021

It’s an very interesting book. It suggested to never give up. At the end there r few egg dropping experiments which is fun to try with the help of grown up’s help. Loved this book.

Anonymous 08.08.2021

like how eggs don't break when you stand on them even they are in the countener

Anonymous 24.07.2021

the person I like best is al because he's trying to make time machine for his mum.

Anonymous 23.07.2021

I like the science experiments in this book.

Anonymous 20.09.2020

I read it 3 times because it gave me loads of ideas for experiments

Anonymous 22.08.2020

It was a great book! It was factual and showed you how strong an egg is, my favourite character was the dog and I would recommend it to someone else.

Anonymous 19.08.2020

This is a great book because there are lots of fun experiments and the story was fun to read. It made me laugh out loud! Al, the main character, is my favourite because he tries out all the experiments. I would recommend this book to anyone as a great read.

Anonymous 18.08.2020

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