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King Coo

Adam Stower

King Coo


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Meet our hero Ben Pole: he's on the run from Monty Grabbe when he discovers a forest with rope swings, water slides, a wombat called Herbert and best of all KING COO! But watch out - Cow-pat-a-pults to the ready! Monty and his gang have a dastardly plan and Ben and Coo need to come up with their best invention yet . . .


Even though I've read it before, I still enjoyed it.

Anonymous 08.11.2023

I really enjoyed this book. My favourite character was King Coo and was very surprised when it turned out King was actually a girl. I would definitely recommend this book.

Anonymous 23.08.2022

It is fiction and I enjoyed the book.

Anonymous 18.07.2022

King Coo is really a girl! And her beard isn't a real beard! I think it might be her hair, or wombat hair

Anonymous 26.01.2021

A very funny book, I especially liked the Wombatifier!

Anonymous 20.01.2021

I liked it because you don’t know what is going to happen next - there were lots of surprises. I though King Coo was a boy but she was a girl.

Anonymous 04.07.2020

This book was amazing I loved it ! the characters were funny and entertaining my favourite person was King Coo

Anonymous 29.06.2020

It was full of adventures sometimes surprising and fun.

Anonymous 14.06.2020

I recommend s book to children.

Anonymous 10.08.2019

en-bay ole-pay

Anonymous 25.07.2019

one of the best books i ever read

Anonymous 18.09.2017

It was a very adventurous story and it made me laugh outloud.

Anonymous 02.09.2017

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