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Izzy Gizmo

Pip Jones, Sara Ogilvie

Izzy Gizmo


Average rating

4 out 5

76 reviews

Izzy is brilliant at making inventions - she'll try her hand at anything!


It was funny but was lacking excitement and adventure and wizards and witches named harry potter

Anonymous 11.07.2024

I loved all the inventions and she made wings for the bird

Anonymous 30.08.2023

I liked it because she didn't give up using her inventions

Anonymous 24.08.2023

It's five stars because she got a bit mad but kept trying even though it wasn't working very well. And then finally one of the wings flapped mad and she kept trying and then it worked

Anonymous 23.08.2023

Never give up! Very interesting story!

Anonymous 14.08.2023

I liked Fixer and it was good when he could fly.

Anonymous 14.08.2023

I like Izzy gizmo because she thought me how to recycle things. I will recommend to friends.

Anonymous 12.08.2023

I loved the book! It was very fun.

Anonymous 11.08.2023

It’s very creative

Anonymous 09.08.2023

I liked all the science stuff

Anonymous 06.08.2023

I love this book. I want to make things too. I loved that she helped the bird.

Anonymous 04.08.2023

Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention was a fiction book. I liked Izzy because she invented a machine that could fix tools. I would recommend very much.

Anonymous 02.08.2023

The birds wings got fixed

Anonymous 28.07.2023

It was funny when they both have wings at the end

Anonymous 22.07.2023

I like this book because Izzy gizmo is a inventor and she invents things and one day Izzy Gizmo went on a walk and found a bird who hurt there wings so Izzy tried loads of things but they didn’t work and what I really liked about this book is that Izzy never gave up

Anonymous 11.07.2023

I liked when grandpa got shaved by the machine and it all went wrong. I liked all the bits where Izzy was angry. I would recommend other people read this book.

Anonymous 02.07.2023

It's a lovely book.

Anonymous 31.12.2022

I like Izzy Gizmo because she worked hard even though it was difficult.

Anonymous 27.12.2022

This book was OK, but not my favourite. I found it quite hard to follow.

Anonymous 31.08.2022

Funny book

Anonymous 29.08.2022

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