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Salty Dogs

Matty Long (, Cambridge, UK)

Salty Dogs


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4 out 5

30 reviews

Set sail with the Salty Dogs on an adventure through the Pirate Islands in search of TREASURE. Their journey won't be easy. They must outwit rival pirates, navigate stormy sea, and keep the poop deck clean if they are to become pirate legends. Get ready for an amazing new adventure from the award-winning creator of SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST! A picture book that will appeal to the whole family, with incredibly detailed artwork packed with lots to see with each turn of the page.


Too many speech bubbles

Anonymous 16.03.2024

Lots of fun and fun pictures

Anonymous 06.12.2023

Salty dogs went on a treasure hunt to find their buried treasure and found it….bones! The other pirates chasing them were not happy!

Anonymous 17.08.2023


Anonymous 01.08.2023

Excellent pictures but difficult to read out loud... suited for a child who reads comics themselves

Anonymous 20.09.2022

I like when the sea monkeys took over

Anonymous 12.08.2022

My favourite character is Sherman the sausage dog. I thought the book was really funny. I would recommend it to my friend Marnie.

Anonymous 03.08.2022

It is a funny book, the salty dogs dont act like they are pirates but they are, and the sea monkeys they like getting the dogs and that’s funny.

Anonymous 01.08.2022

This book is so funny!

Anonymous 25.07.2022

Salty dogs started fighting each other, lots of fighting!

Anonymous 11.09.2021

I was happy the salty dogs took over the pirate ship.

Anonymous 06.09.2021

yes is full of different dogs

Anonymous 02.09.2021

I liked that in the first place that the Salty Dogs had to walk the plank but then the monkeys were stranded on Crossbone island because the Salty Dogs took their ship.

Anonymous 28.08.2021

It was a great book, it was really funny and the characters are great

Anonymous 24.07.2021

i liked when the dogs got their treasure and when their boat broke and the cook had to travel in his pot

Anonymous 22.07.2021

I thought it was really good. Sherman is my favourite character. His clothes are not very piratey, but he is funny.

Anonymous 13.07.2021

Interesting book

Anonymous 13.01.2021

Full of fun funny,pirate tales the sea monkeys are very clever (except one thing. The salty dogs escape from cross bone I-land without a ship!)

Anonymous 04.01.2021

It’s funny

Anonymous 01.09.2020

I think it is funny and I think Captain Fifi is the funniest. I would recommend this one because it is about dogs and it's really funny.

Anonymous 15.06.2020

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