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The Wild Robot

Peter Brown, Kate Atwater

The Wild Robot


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5 out 5

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Wall-E meets Hatchet in this new illustrated middle grade novel from New York Times bestselling author Peter Brown.


This book had a very sad ending but happy ending. The robot got taken to his makers to be repaired. When he first came on the island, he didn't know how to survive but with the help of his son Brightbill and the animals on the island, the robot manages to learn 4 things: how to survive in the wild, how to be a mother, learning to speak animal, and being a good friend.

Anonymous 11.07.2024

This book is something I was introduced to at school and finished it at home. It shows an alternative universe and makes you question AI.

Anonymous 23.06.2024

It interested me because it was like a mystery and adventure and my favourite part was how she found a baby duck and asked the other ducks to see if it were their baby duck but it was unwanted so she took care of the baby duck.

Anonymous 25.03.2024

A little slower to get into than other books but so glad that I persisted with it. Such a great story about adaptation and change and empathy. Really enjoyed it!

Anonymous 22.03.2024

Short chapters, big story.

Anonymous 19.03.2024

I read this book in my English class and I love it

Anonymous 06.01.2024

I like that the robot looked after the gosling and the robot was a good mum.

Anonymous 03.09.2023

I like this book because its good and its really interesting and its a good book. I like Brightbill because he's a goose and I like geese. My favourite part of the book is when Roz saves Brightbill.

Anonymous 01.09.2023

It was fascinating. I love the fact that Roz was the only robot that survived. I love the fact that he didn’t have no friends to start off with, but he soon made some along his path.

Anonymous 29.08.2023

this book was very very good. Ithink it is one of the best books i have ever read.

Anonymous 29.08.2023

It is quite good, it is quite silly

Anonymous 12.08.2023

I liked how throughout the robot’s life she discovers more and more about the animals and how they live.

Anonymous 11.08.2023

I like this book because it has action and it teaches you to be kind it shows you to keep moving never back down never give up. This is a chapter book it has 80 chapters so if you are up for the challenge i recommend it.

Anonymous 10.08.2023

Love the juxtaposition of the natural world and the man made and how they work together. A great story to share or read alone.

Anonymous 07.08.2023

I really like this book because in my school we had this book as our class book and idk but it's really interesting :) From aiza the chicken :°

Anonymous 31.07.2023

I like the opposites of nature and technology coming together. The natural and the artificial.

Anonymous 24.07.2023

i thought it was amazing and i before the school holidays i learnt about robots

Anonymous 18.07.2023

I really loved this book because it was funny when the goose said Mama to Roz and it was really funny when roz got chased by a bear.

Anonymous 16.07.2023

it was amazing! this is one of the most spectacular book i have EVER EVER read!

Anonymous 11.07.2023

This book was very exciting and fabulous

Anonymous 10.07.2023

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