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Silly Doggy!

Adam Stower, Adam Stower

Silly Doggy!


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5 out 5

13 reviews

When Lily looks out of her bedroom window, she gets the best surprise ever - a doggy! But this is no ordinary doggy, this is an enormous bear escaped from the local zoo. Lily is delighted with her new 'canine' friend and she and Doggy have a fantastic day - told through a 'lost doggy' poster Lily has made. Unfortunately the zookeeper recognises his lost bear from the poster and comes to reclaim him. Luckily for pet lover Lily, the next day brings another fantastic surprise at the bottom of her garden!


I like this book because it's funny, especially the bear at the park.

Anonymous 18.01.2024

Good but too short

Anonymous 17.08.2023

I like this book because the doggy is a bear not a dog it’s fiction

Anonymous 15.08.2023

Lily is my favourite character. She’s so kind and very caring to the animals.

Anonymous 25.08.2022

She thought the bear was a dog!

Anonymous 28.08.2020

It was a really funny book. I think all of the book was funny

Anonymous 31.07.2019

I've rated this as four as it's fiction and I prefer non-fiction, but I still think it's a good story book to have

Anonymous 31.08.2017


Anonymous 30.08.2017

I like this one a lot

Anonymous 16.08.2017

A little girl thought a lion was a dog. She tried to take it for walks and give it dog food but it wasn't doing anything she wanted. The book was silly and funny.

Anonymous 14.08.2017

It is about a little girl getting a thing that she thinks is a dog but actually it is a bear and at the end she found a tiger and she thought it was a kitty.

Anonymous 29.07.2016

It was funny when the girl said "doggy!"

Anonymous 16.08.2015


Anonymous 10.09.2014

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