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Where's Lenny?

Ken Wilson-Max

Where's Lenny?


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17 reviews

Lenny plays hide and seek with his dad…Is he in the cupboard? No. It’s empty. Or in the sitting room? No, it’s only Wilbur the dog. He’s not in the kitchen either. But, what about on the stairs? Blobs of jam are a clue. At last Dad and Mum see a little giggly lump under the bedclothes in Lenny’s bedroom. Here is Lenny, ready for a tickle and a hug!


I'm not sure it I liked it but I would certainly read it again.

Anonymous 16.08.2022

I thought the book is actually a bit funny and I get to find out where Lenny is it was a fiction book because it’s a made up story. I would recommend it.

Anonymous 19.02.2021

It was nonfiction book

Anonymous 17.01.2021


Anonymous 13.01.2021

It is a good book but aimed at younger children but I still enjoyed it and reminded me of how much fun hide and seek is

Anonymous 13.01.2021

Its okay for younger kids. But i like how Lenny managed to escape every time when playing hide and seek. He having good time with his parents.

Anonymous 07.01.2021

It is about Lenny and he goes missing.

Anonymous 06.01.2021

I really enjoyed this book. Lenny is my favourite c`

Anonymous 05.01.2021

I like hide and seek because, I play hide and seek. I like Lenny because Lenny was genius. I want to recommend it to my brother.

Anonymous 03.01.2021

I want to do hide and seek too. I like Lenny because he is fanny. l recommend it to my brother.

Anonymous 03.01.2021

I thought it was fun and cute. It made me feel really happy because Lenny was playing with his parents. I liked Lenny the most. I would recommend this book to others.

Anonymous 30.12.2020

very interesting.

Anonymous 23.12.2020

I liked this book, I always play hide and seek with my little brother.

Anonymous 23.12.2020

Good book

Anonymous 22.12.2020

Lenny is a hide-and-seek hero. He is no where. He is under the blanket

Anonymous 12.12.2020

I like it

Anonymous 08.12.2020

Good fun for night time read

Anonymous 05.08.2014